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Strong, reliable, value-added and timely research-based investment decision-making process has been the mainstay of JHP Securities (P) Limited in the turbulent markets of todays day and age. All the above services are backed by strong, incisive and timely research spanning the entire gamut of the economy and industry.

The firm has an active research wing comprising four research analysts that guides its clients by providing industry snapshots as well as timely advice on trading as well as INVESTMENT STRATEGIES to be adopted so as to maximize the returns for its valued clients.

The research wing strives to maintain a balance between FUNDAMENTAL AND TECHNICAL TOOLS OF RESEARCH. The research analysts track a whole lot of individual companies and study the impact that various developments in the economy and industry are likely to have on each individual company and accordingly advise the firms clients.

Among the main strengths of the research wing is its ability to accurately forecast future trends in advance and capitalize on the same by identifying investment opportunities in companies that are most likely to benefit from the future developments in their respective sectors.

For technical analysis the research wing of the firm relies on contemporary technical analysis tools and software packages to identify trading opportunities.

Though the firm closely monitors the economy, companies, markets and industry, JHP does not, as a principle, sell its Research. However, should the client need, we are in a position to deliver any kind of information on a specific company on an almost real-time basis, in time to help our clients make an informed investment decision.

The Research Wing is in regular touch with the management of several companies that comprise more than 70% of the current market capitalization. The research wing of the firm also maintains and regularly updates a library of the annual reports of more than 500 companies.

The Research wing of JHP Securities (P) Limited formally shares its enabling insight on the economy, investment climate, market-sentiment and industry events with clients to keep them abreast of every development concerning their investment and make timely and informed investment decisions, thereby optimizing their return on investment through research reports and daily flyers.

JHP Securities Pvt. Ltd.
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